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Select Vestry

The Select Vestry look after the Furnishing, Fabric and Finance of the Parish and support the Rector of the Parish and his assistant in fulfilling their role in the ministry in the Parish of Skerry.

Hon. Secretary: Mrs Megan Nelson, 6 Carnview Park, Carniny Road, Ballymena,Co. Antrim BT43 5NH.


Hon. Treasurer: Mr Desi Armstrong, 1 Brocklamont Crescent, Ballymena, Co. Antrim BT42 2NX.


The Hon. Treasurer is also responsible for the Maintenance Fund and  Gift Aid.

Churchwardens – The duties of the Churchwardens are defined in The Church of Ireland Handbook. Their main task is to generally assist the Rector/Rector’s assistant with the conduct of public worship.

Rector’s Churchwarden:  Mrs Hilary Boddy, E-mail:

People’s Churchwarden: Mr Tommy Douglas, E-mail:

Glebewardens – The Glebewardens are responsible for all matters relating to The Rectory.

Rector’s Glebewarden: Dr Philip Cummings

People’s Glebewarden: Mr James Ramsey

Select Vestry : Mr Alan Brown, Mr Winston Byers, Mrs Sarah Gamble, Mr Brian Hamill, Mr Ernie Johnston, Mrs Sadie Johnston,  Mrs Geraldine Linford, Mr Robbie McGreevy, Mr Roy Purdue, Mr Richard Reade, Mr Sandy Wilson, The Churchwardens, The Glebewardens, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Chairman: The Rev Dr Andrew Campbell.