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In praying we must not forget that our prayers are to be answered. Some are answered just as we wish; some are answered in a way different from what we wish – in a better way!  Some are answered by a change in us; some are answered by a change in others. Some are answered by the giving of a greater strength to bear trials and some by the lifting of the trials.  Some at once; some in years to come; and some await eternity. We know not if the blessing sought will come in just the way we thought, but leave your prayer with the Lord alone whose will is wiser than our own, assured that He will grant our request or send some answer far more blessed.

CRISIS in the MIDDLE EASTPLEASE HELP by donating to BISHOPS’ APPEAL envelopes may be obtained from Churchwardens.


CMS Ireland Emergency Appeal & Prayer requests for South Sudan from the Bishop of Connor.

Bishop Abernethy, was to have headed up a team from our diocese to visit Diocese of Yei, South Sudan. Political and civil unrest broke out in December and 1,000 people have been killed. Many fled their homes. Most of the trouble has been miles from Yei, yet many displaced people have walked with their families to Yei for refuge and are also being directed to the UN compound in Yei, Yei Diocese has committed to provide funding to support them as they provide shelter to families from areas  of strife and famine. Bishop Hilary said that the number is rising daily,  there is much we can do to support them from Connor Diocese.

We can support them through prayer. We can support them in a practical way by donating funds to allow the church in South Sudan to buy essentials and care for those who have fled their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The Church Missionary Society Ireland is in daily contact with its global partners in South Sudan, namely the dioceses of Yei, Maridi, Ibba and Kajo Keji, Money donated will go directly to where it is most needed with local knowledge and accountability CMSI is well placed to do this.

Emergency provision for a family of eight for two weeks costs £100. This will provide provide food, jerrycans, cooking pots, blankets and medical care. A donation of £5 provides one blanket; £8 provides maize meal for a family for a week; £15 provides beans for a family for a week.

Please help us to help the church in South Sudan make life bearable for the men, women and children who again had to flee their homes due to fighting which began as a political crisis and changed into tribal warfare between South Sudan’s largest tribes the Dinka and the Nuer.

Donations should be sent directly to CMS Ireland, 33 Dargan Road, Belfast BT3 9JU. Tel. 028 9077 5020 or email. Funds can also be directed to the CMSI South Sudan Emergency Appeal through the Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal.

CMSI Prayer Requests for South Sudan

Pray for the political crisis in South Sudan, particularly the President of South Sudan HE Salva Kiir and the rebel leader Dr Riak Machar that God can change their hearts and minds to sit down and agree on things that can bring peace in the country.
Pray for the church as it offers sanctuary and assistance to those fleeing their homes – Bishop Justin, Bishop Hilary and Bishop Wilson as they lead.
Pray for adequate resources, shelter, water, food, medical assistance, and the capacity to manage the response.


CMSI provides opportunities for young people to serve the Church in other parts of the world – see their website